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WaiGuo Friends English

Josh and Amber

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Josh has studied Spanish, Ancient Hebrew, and Mandarin over the course of 10 years. He loves learning languages, playing games with people, and coming up with unique ways to teach!


Amber has studied Ancient Greek and Mandarin. She enjoys teaching English, writing, planning curriculum, and doing anything outside!

WaiGuo Friends English About Us

Our Experience

We have taught English around the globe for years. Now, you can benefit from our years of teaching and language learning experience in one place.

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Our Teaching Method

study smarter, not harder

Language Acquisition

Surrounding oneself with as much English as possible in order to "live the language" is the foundation of learning English efficiently and effectively.

Structured Learning

Short and sweet lessons that target ONE specific point in grammar, pronunciation, or paralanguage. These lessons are designed to refine your English.

Integrated Learning

Everything you do at WaiGuo Friends English will integrate at least two English skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking). You should not grow isolated skills.


These short, integrated lessons require daily practice. Even 15 minutes of focused English practice every day will take you closer to fluency. Consistency is the key to efficiency.

We've been there...

Our Story

We’ve studied other languages through traditional, classroom/textbook/flashcard methods. It was long, time-intensive, memory-based, and not fun at all. Especially when we realized that people don’t speak like a textbook.

Then we studied a language while living in-country. Though that language was easier to learn, we were still missing consistent practice at a level we could understand. It was so easy to burn out.

After returning to the States, life got busy with kids, work, and study. It seemed impossible to truly acquire a language while keeping up with everything else.

And honestly, it was too difficult. There is nothing on the planet that teaches our target languages to working families with the perfect balance of language acquisition and structured learning in context. It doesn’t exist because that’s a tough balance to make.

However, as we continued teaching English to students online, we found that we were not the only busy family striving for a realistic approach to fluency.

So, we put our personal and professional experience to work designing a series of mini-courses for adult language learners to work toward English fluency from anywhere in the world.

EVERY lesson is English in context for fluency. No fluff. No archaic grammar rules or vocabulary we don’t actually use. Just real American English.

We founded WaiGuo Friends English for busy families, frustrated students, and working professionals learning English because we’ve been there. We create the lessons and resources we needed back then.

Whether you have been studying English for years or months, we pray our expertise and hard work blesses each and every one of you!

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